Round two of the AMA Pro Motocross championship at Glen Helen Raceway was another positive event for Team Honda HRC, as Trey Canard scored fifth overall with 7-4 finishes, while teammate Cole Seely carded seventh with 5-10 marks. In the day’s opening moto, Canard secured the holeshot aboard his CRF450R before dropping into second. On the following lap, Canard slid out going around the banked Talladega turn, falling back to 15th. He spent the remainder of the race charging forward before crossing the line in seventh. In moto two, Canard nailed another solid start, completing the first lap in sixth. The Oklahoman moved into third a few laps in but eventually relinquished the position and settled into fourth, which is where he would finish.

Seely had also enjoyed a solid start in moto 1, not far behind his teammate in sixth. On the second lap, he moved into third but subsequently slipped back two positions to fifth. He settled into a rhythm and maintained that position to the checkered flag. In moto two, Seely was 10th off the line but went down at the bottom of Mt. Saint Helens, losing several spots. He remounted in 15th and spent the remainder of the race trying to regain as many positions as possibly, ultimately crossing the line in 10th.


  • On Friday, Team Honda HRC’s Trey Canard and Cole Seely joined GEICO Honda’s Justin Bogle, Christian Craig, RJ Hampshire, Jordan Smith and Tristan Charboneau at Malcolm Smith Motorsports in Riverside, California, for a pre-race pit party. Hundreds of fans were on hand to meet their favorite racers and for a chance to win prizes.
  • With many teams based nearby, Glen Helen Raceway is a hotspot for testing and practice sessions throughout the season, making it the most familiar track on the circuit for the majority of riders. Despite this, Seely doesn’t feel that plays a huge factor in the race. “I’m pretty sure everyone has spun a ton of laps here, especially if they live in California, but the track is so much different for the national that it’s not much of an advantage,” he explained. “On practice days we don’t run all the hills or obstacles, and they prep it completely different for the national.”
  • During the morning’s timed qualifying practice period, Canard’s 2:27.055 lap from the first session was sixth-quickest, while Seely was 10th with 2:28.388.
  • The Honda Red Riders will return to action on June 4 for round 3 of the AMA Pro Motocross series in Lakewood, Colorado, also known as the Thunder Valley National. On Friday, Team Honda HRC and the GEICO Honda squad will visit Sun Enterprises for an autograph session.


THE FOCUS: Mastering the Mountains

The Glen Helen track features a number of drastic and challenging elevation changes, the largest of which is Mt. Saint Helens, which could make or break a race. Towering hundreds of feet over the rest of the track, this is a prime opportunity for riders to gain time on the competition, but if they’re not careful one mistake could cause them to lose time or worse. “I think it’s most important to be patient and not try to be a hero down the hills,” Trey Canard said. “If you push it too hard, one small mistake could cost you the race or your season. You want to try to be as smooth as possible and find the right line up and down. Bike setup is also very important but we can’t really set the bikes up too much for the hills because you also have to ride them everywhere else.”

“There really isn’t a huge change made to the bike to adapt to the hills,” confirmed Canard’s mechanic Brent Presnell. “We’re able to test a lot at Glen Helen and although we don’t run the full hills on practice days, we’re able to keep an eye on things and test some stuff. We know the hills do a number on your forks, so it’s important to have a solid setup there.”


Trey Canard 41

There are a lot of good things to pull from today, especially with my starts. I’ve been searching for it for a long time, so to get the holeshot in moto one and a top-five start in the second was awesome. It makes me excited for the rest of the year and gives me a lot of hope as I continue to improve. After I got the holeshot, [Ryan] Dungey got around me pretty quick and I just washed out and fell back pretty far. I didn’t feel ultra comfortable but I made it back to seventh and we made some good changes for the second race. I got another good start in moto two and worked up to third at one point but [Eli] Tomac got me. At that point I just decided to ride it out for fourth; the track was really dangerous and I was feeling pretty flat so I just wanted to get out of here safe.

Cole Seely 14

I’m happy with the day. It was another good first moto and decent second moto. I went 5-10 again for seventh overall so that’s still good. I’m trying to build in all aspects of my program to become a better outdoor rider, so I’m putting in a lot of work during the week and maybe losing a little energy on the weekend. I’m going to keep pushing though. The first moto went well. I got off to a good start right behind Trey and got by him when he went down. I passed [Marvin] Musquin for third and ran there for a little bit before getting passed by a couple guys and finishing in fifth. I definitely felt like I rode really well that race. During the second moto, I got about a 10th place start but crashed a few laps in and got passed by about five guys, so I had to work forward from there. It is what it is but I feel like I’m going to improve each week, and that’s ultimately the goal.

Rich Simmons

Mechanic (Christian Craig)

It was a good day. I think Cole was a little stronger this week than last week even though it was the same result, so that’s the goal, to just keep getting stronger at each race. He’s going to get tired and we know that but as long as he keeps building that's what’s important. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a good start in the second moto and then went down so I think this week we’ll spend some time focusing on how we can improve the second moto. We learned last week that we should probably soften up the bike for him in the second moto, and we did that this week, which helped him a lot.

AMA Pro Motocross 2016
Race Round 2   San Bernardino

450 Moto 1 Results

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 Dungey Ryan 5 USA 25 Red Bull KTM KTM
2 Anderson Jason 21 USA 22 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
3 Tomac Eli 3 USA 20 Monster Energy Kawasaki Kawasaki
4 Roczen Ken 94 GER 18 Team Honda HRC Honda
5 Seely Cole 14 USA 16 Team Honda HRC Honda
6 Grant Joshua 33 USA 15 Monster Energy Kawasaki Kawasaki
7 Canard Trey 41 USA 14 Red Bull KTM KTM
8 Tickle Broc 20 USA 13 Red Bull KTM KTM
9 Musquin Marvin 25 FRA 12 Red Bull KTM KTM
10 Nicoletti Phillip 46 USA 11 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing Yamaha
11 Brayton Justin 10 USA 10 Smartop MotoConcepts Racing Honda
12 Noren Fredrik 40 SWE 9 TiLUBE Storm Lake Honda Honda
13 Blose Benny 934 USA 8 Bloss Racing Yamaha
14 Short Andrew 29 USA 7 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS KTM
15 Bogle Justin 19 USA 6 RCH Racing Suzuki
16 Baggett Blake 4 USA 5 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS KTM
17 Wentland Jesse USA 4 RSR/Star Cycle Honda Honda
18 Lamay Ben 907 USA 3 Racing Honda
19 Mcconahy Noah 131 USA 2 Merge Racing Honda
20 Tomita Toshiki 718 JPN 1 Team Honda HRC Honda
AMA Pro Motocross 2016
Race Round 2   San Bernardino

450 Moto 2 Results

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 Roczen Ken 94 GER 25 Team Honda HRC Honda
2 Dungey Ryan 5 USA 22 Red Bull KTM KTM
3 Tomac Eli 3 USA 20 Monster Energy Kawasaki Kawasaki
4 Canard Trey 41 USA 18 Red Bull KTM KTM
5 Anderson Jason 21 USA 16 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
6 Grant Joshua 33 USA 15 Monster Energy Kawasaki Kawasaki
7 Pourcel Christophe 377 FRA 14 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
8 Barcia Justin 51 USA 13 Monster Energy/ Knick/ Factory Yamaha Team Yamaha
9 Nicoletti Phillip 46 USA 12 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing Yamaha
10 Seely Cole 14 USA 11 Team Honda HRC Honda
11 Musquin Marvin 25 FRA 10 Red Bull KTM KTM
12 Brayton Justin 10 USA 9 Smartop MotoConcepts Racing Honda
13 Tickle Broc 20 USA 8 Red Bull KTM KTM
14 Noren Fredrik 40 SWE 7 TiLUBE Storm Lake Honda Honda
15 Short Andrew 29 USA 6 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS KTM
16 Blose Benny 934 USA 5 Bloss Racing Yamaha
17 Tomita Toshiki 718 JPN 4 Team Honda HRC Honda
18 Durham Darryn 97 USA 3 Troy Lee Designs KTM
19 Howell Austin 681 USA 2 Howell Racing Suzuki
20 Cooper Cody 121 NZL 1 Crownkiwi Enterprise Honda
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