Although expectations were higher for Team Honda HRC at round five of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship, the squad was pleased with the fact that both factory CRF450R race machines finished in the top 10. Cole Seely had an off day, but the 450 class rookie was still able to put together two respectable rides to finish eighth overall with 7-10 marks. Meanwhile, Fredrik Noren posted his best qualifying position and moto result of the season en route to a tenth-place finish via an 8-11 tally.


  • For the second time in his career, Fredrik Noren secured a top 10 qualifying time. The Team Honda HRC substitute rider’s 2:02.228 time was ninth-quickest, while teammate Cole Seely was 12th with 2:02.501.
  • Mountain biking plays a huge role in Seely’s training program, and on the Wednesday preceding race day, the Californian competed in a Quick n’ Dirty mountain bike race in San Diego, where he finished second in his age group. “I love any type of cycling,” Seely said. “I don’t normally race mountain bikes too much during the racing season because it’s a lot on your body to race motocross every weekend and also do a bike race during the week. It was a pretty exhausting week, but it’s something I love to do so I have a hard time staying away. The race was a really fast-paced, sprint-style event, so it was a lot of fun.”
  • This year, the High Point National showcased a new track layout, which many riders enjoyed. “I think the new track layout today was good,” said the Swedish Noren. “The changes they made were good overall but there were a few things I think could’ve been a little different. I’ve liked racing here in the past too, I think maybe because it has a bit of a European feel to it.”
  • For nearly four decades, factory Honda riders have been battling for the top spot at historic High Point Raceway, and they’ve enjoyed ample success, with 11 wins in the 450 class, eight in the 250 division and five in the now-defunct 500cc class.
  • Trey Canard, who has been recovering from an arm fracture since March 21, was recently given the official go-ahead by his physician to begin riding. “We’re pleased that Trey has been released to start riding,” said Team Honda HRC manager Dan Betley. “Right now, he’s only doing some light stuff, but as time progresses, we expect him to be back to speed. An exact return date isn’t set, but we’re going to be taking it week by week and expect to have him back later in the season.”
  • Following a much-deserved one-week hiatus, Team Honda HRC will return to action on June 27 for the Budds Creek National in Mechanicsville, Maryland. “I’m really looking forward to the weekend off,” said Seely. “I don’t have any plans except to hang out at home and try to recover the best I can. I’m pretty tired so giving my body a break before going into the second half of the season is much needed. I’m more excited about a week without traveling.”


THE FOCUS: The Perfect Partnership

Most fans know that at the beginning of the 2015 season, Cole Seely came to Team Honda HRC from the Troy Lee Designs squad, but he wasn’t the only person making that transition. Seely’s long-time friend and mechanic, Rich Simmons, followed his rider to the factory team as well.

This is the duo’s sixth season together and they have quite the relationship. “We know each other very well, and we get along great,” Seely said. “Rich is like a combination of my dad and big brother. He knows when I’m acting up and how to put me in my place, which I need from time to time. We can get into yelling matches or he can be blunt with me on things, and he’s normally right. That’s why I was so happy when he decided to come with me to Honda. He knows how to amp me up and just knows the right thing to say when I’m in a good or bad mood. It’s always comforting having him on the line next to me.”

“I’ve seen and helped Cole grow since basically the beginning of his career, from when nobody even knew who he was to now riding on a factory team,” Simmons said. “We have a great relationship and don’t have to say much to know what the other is thinking. I can also be hard on him right before a race and it doesn’t mess with his head, whereas if someone else said it, it might.”


Fredrik Noren 40

“Riding-wise, I’d say today was one of my best races. I feel like we’ve just been getting better and better each week. I kind of struggled in the first practice but we made some bike changes in between sessions and I felt a lot better in the second one. I qualified ninth, which is the best for me so far this year. I started outside the top ten in the first race but worked my way into eighth, so I’m super-pumped on that since it’s my best of the year. I felt good the whole race. In the second moto, I was probably running about eighth again when I fell down in a corner. After that I started riding really stiff and got pretty tired, so I finished 12th. It’s okay though, we’re going in the right direction so I’m happy.”

AMA Pro Motocross 2015
Race Round 5   Mt. Morris

450 Moto 1 Results

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 Dungey Ryan 5 USA 25 Red Bull KTM KTM
2 Roczen Ken 94 GER 22 Team Honda HRC Honda
3 Pourcel Christophe 377 FRA 20 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
4 Anderson Jason 21 USA 18 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
5 Barcia Justin 51 USA 16 Monster Energy Factory Yamaha Racing Yamaha
6 Tickle Broc 20 USA 15 Red Bull KTM KTM
8 Noren Fredrik 40 SWE 13 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing Suzuki
9 Brayton Justin 10 USA 12 Team Honda HRC Honda
10 Hahn Wil 48 USA 11 Monster Energy Kawasaki Kawasaki
11 Peick Weston 23 USA 10 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing Suzuki
12 Cunningham Kyle 39 USA 9 H.E.P Motorsports Suzuki
13 Sipes Ryan 39 USA 8 Rockstar Husqvarna KTM
14 Chisholm Kyle 11 USA 7 Chisholm Racing Kawasaki
15 Wentland Jesse USA 6 RSR/Star Cycle Honda Honda
16 Audette  Gannon 73 USA 5 Legends & Heros/ Kissimmee Motorsports Kawasaki
17 Lemoine Matt 43 USA 4 JAB Motorsports Kawasaki
18 Archer Tony 285 USA 3 Traders Racing Kawasaki
19 Brooks  Jason USA 2 3D Racing/ Factory Connection/ Motorsports Nation Yamaha
20 Schmelyun Broc 548 USA 1 Blue Buffalo Slater Skins/ Yamaha Yamaha
AMA Pro Motocross 2015
Race Round 5   Mt. Morris

450 Moto 2 Results

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 Roczen Ken 94 GER 25 Team Honda HRC Honda
2 Dungey Ryan 5 USA 22 Red Bull KTM KTM
3 Anderson Jason 21 USA 20 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
4 Barcia Justin 51 USA 18 Monster Energy Factory Yamaha Racing Yamaha
5 Pourcel Christophe 377 FRA 16 Rockstar Husqvarna Husqvarna
6 Peick Weston 23 USA 15 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing Suzuki
7 Nicoletti Phillip 46 USA 14 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing Yamaha
8 Tickle Broc 20 USA 13 Red Bull KTM KTM
9 Hahn Wil 48 USA 12 Monster Energy Kawasaki Kawasaki
11 Baggett Blake 4 USA 10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS KTM
12 Noren Fredrik 40 SWE 9 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing Suzuki
13 Sipes Ryan 39 USA 8 Rockstar Husqvarna KTM
14 Brayton Justin 10 USA 7 Team Honda HRC Honda
15 Chisholm Kyle 11 USA 6 Chisholm Racing Kawasaki
16 Lemoine Matt 43 USA 5 JAB Motorsports Kawasaki
17 Cunningham Kyle 39 USA 4 H.E.P Motorsports Suzuki
18 Short John 253 USA 3 ACM Services/ Short racing Yamaha
19 Wentland Jesse USA 2 RSR/Star Cycle Honda Honda
20 Audette  Gannon 73 USA 1 Legends & Heros/ Kissimmee Motorsports Kawasaki
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