Jeremy McGuire joined Honda R&D in 1999, working out of the Honda South Carolina factory before moving to the Ohio Development Center in 2001, as a frame designer for ATV products. He was based in Japan for two years beginning in 2003, focusing on new-product development for refreshed ATV products. He then spent 15 years at Honda’s Ohio Development Center, focusing on ATV and side-by-side development across various roles.

Jeremy led development across Honda’s U.S./Japan team for the all-new Pioneer 700 (released in 2013) and the all-new Talon 1000 (released in 2018). In 2020, he began leading the product-planning department for all North American-market two-wheel and four-wheel products, at Honda’s newly established headquarters in Georgia. In fall of 2022, Jeremy became manager of Customer Engagement for Power Sports and Products within the Sales Division, which includes Press, Shows/Events, Racing and Advertising/Marketing.